Australian Memorial Center

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Client Department of Veterans’ Affairs, Australia
Area 2200m²
Construction cost 29,400,000€
Scope of services Services and and external works
Delivery date 2018
Programme - EN
Construction of a new memorial Center of the first war on the site of the Australian memorial in Villers-Bretonneux in the Somme. The building can welcome 500 people. Showrooms redraw through objects of exposition and projections of period movies, the progress of the battle of the Somme which is the 1st decisive victory of the allies on the German troops. The project also includes the creation of a car park for the visitors and a welcome area as well as a new landscaping of the site.
Particularités Techniques - EN
Realization of 44 deep geothermal probes of 200m to feed 4 hot air pumps which produce heating and air conditioning in the Center. Preservation of a constant temperature all year long in premises with a control of hygrometry. Implementation of an integrated system allowing technical management of the building since a post deported all around the world. The integrated system allows the management of all the installations such as: security cameras, access control, GTB, fire safety system, generator, control of lighting, emergency lighting, various countings of water and energy and telephone and network VDI exchange. The site of the memorial not being linked on the networks of evacuation of the city, the runoff water are stored and infiltrated in the ground and the evacuations of toilet are handled in a water-treatment plant on the site to be rejected in the network of evacuation. A total cover of the site in internet network via Wi-Fi hotspots is realized by simple equipments and confused in the new installations or sensibly integrated into the stone existing monuments and the central tower.