Residential care home - Argenteuil (95)

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  • Technical characteristics
  • HQE
Client Adim
Architect Altimétrie
Area 4877m²
Construction cost 9,400,000€
Scope of services HVAC Engineering
Delivery date 2020
Programme - EN
Building a 105-bed residential care home and activity centre in Argenteuil.
Particularités Techniques - EN
The operation is a type J and N category 4 public-access building: "Care facilities for the elderly and disabled". The heating requirements are met by a natural gas heating system in the basement. Smoke extraction will involve mechanical extraction and natural air supply for all circulation areas. Category A Fire Safety System.
RT (Thermal regulation) 2012, H&E residential care homes. The project is targeting the following performances : - NF Habitat HQE (medicosocial category) - Energy performance level: RT 2012 – 10%.