Roissy Charles-de-Gaulle Airport - Sheraton Hotel - Roissy (95)

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Client Sheraton Paris Airport Hotel
Architect Jean-Philippe Nuel / JLA
Area 3500m²
Construction cost 9,000,000€
Scope of services Fluids
Delivery date In progress
Programme - EN
Refurbishment of 256 bedrooms, lobby and coworking space.
Particularités Techniques - EN
Refurbishment of electrical, space heating, air conditioning, sanitary, smoke and plumbing installations. Modification of low tension main switchboard for new restaurants. New electrical connections between switchboard and kitchens. Replacement of electrical switchboards and complete refurbishment of lighting installation, as required. Installation of double flow ventilation system and air conditioning of lobby by fan coil units. In kitchens and new restaurants, air conditioning of dining rooms by fan coil units and linear diffusion grills. Kitchens ventilated by double flow ventilation with extractor hoods installation. New hot and cold water installation for kitchen appliances. Lobby and conference rooms; new double flow ventilation from supply/recovery outlets.