43 Rental and owner-occupied housing units - Morsang-sur-Orge (91)

MSO- perspective maisons-BDEF
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Architect VONG DC
Area 1950m²
Construction cost 4,800,000€
Scope of services Services engineer, thermal engineer, external works engineer, building economist, Haute Qualité Environnementale (HQE) engineer Project undertaken with BIM
Delivery date 2016
Programme - EN
Construction of 43-housing unit estate (33 rental and 10 owner-occupied units) as well as public access road, transferred on completion.
Particularités Techniques - EN
Slab on reinforced ground foundation. Reinforced concrete structure and terracotta brick elevation walls. Domestic hot water and space heating supplied by gas condensing boilers. Domestic hot water for individual houses supplied by mechanically ventilated thermodynamic water heater. Flats; humidity-sensitive mechanical ventilation with heat recovery on extracted air to preheat domestic hot water service.
Habitat & Environement (H&E) profile A Cerqual certification Réglementation Thermique 2012 (RT 2012) -10% certification