Boulogne-Billancourt highschool (92)

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Client Région Ile de France / SAERP
Architect Mikou Design Studio
Area 9900m²
Construction cost 22,900,000€
Scope of services Consultant engineer, external works engineer
Delivery date 2018
Programme - EN
Construction of 760-pupil high school; teaching premises (general, sports, arts), school grounds and social rooms (media centre, reception areas, teachers and supervisors, students and medico-social rooms), administration, logistics and maintenance, half-board for 745 pupils, eight staff residences and basement car park. Open air facilities: car park, playground(s), courtyard(s).
Particularités Techniques - EN
Construction on piles. Reinforced concrete structure without floor slab beams and 18,25m post-tensioned load transfer slab over ground floor. Sports hall overhead floor slab supports 3 levels of classrooms; post-stressed ribbed slab. Electrical power supplied by 400 kVA transformer station equipped with alarm. Ventilation of premises (except those with waste water and kitchen preparation area) supplied by double flow system with energy recovery. Science rooms equipped with fume cupboard, wet and dry benches and laminar flow extraction hood. External works: underground rainwater retention pond and several outdoor sports facilities (basketball courts, football grounds ...).