Housing units - Lionel Terray street Rueil-Malmaison (92)

Eiffage Immobilier

Ameller & Dubois

Construction company

Progress/Delivery date

Surface area
27 700 m²

Construction cost
€40M excluding tax (value date 2017)

Scope of services

  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • Construction economics
  • Roadworks and various networks
  • High Environmental Quality
  • Thermal
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Construction of 430 housing units.

Technical characteristics

Prior demolition of existing office blocks.
The project involves comprehensive restructuring of the existing car park and creating additional parking in the same location, also over two levels, following clearance and demolition of the existing intermediate floors.
The construction of new structures within the existing infrastructure is also planned, corresponding to the superstructure housing project.
The project involves maintaining the heating service duct from the existing central heating system.
The existing service duct will be reinforced and retained.
The project involves creating seven new buildings, divided into two separate phases: – Phase 1: "Buzenval – Bellevue", comprising four buildings (Plots 1 to 4) and the creation of a pedestrian walkway connecting rue Lionel Terray and avenue de la Châtaigneraie, at the end of the works (Plot 5). – Phase 2: "Chantegrive", comprising three buildings (Plots 6 to 8).
The entire site is strongly sloping: the terrain slopes from south to north with an approximate 9.30-metre difference in height, varying from an altimetry of +105.33 MASL in the south to +96.04 MASL in the north.

Environmental characteristics

The project includes an environmental initiative with NF HABITAT high environmental quality certification sought for all the homes.
The project targets RT (Thermal regulation) 2012 – 13%.