Olympic Village Universeine Saint-Denis (93)

Vinci Immobilier

Clément Vergely, Gaetan Le Penhuel, Pascal Gontier, Lina Ghotmeh, Antoine Béal, Triptyque Architecture

Construction companies
Bouygues, Paris Ouest, Outarex

Progress/Delivery date
Chantier en cours

Surface area
65 000 m²

Construction cost
€195M excluding tax (value date 2019)

Scope of services

  • Structure
  • Fluids
  • High Environmental Quality
  • Roadworks and various networks
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Construction of 1093 homes, including 798 for a mix of sale and social housing units and 295 student accommodation units.
The ground floors have space for shops, business premises, a medical centre and a crèche.
The homes are divided into several commonhold properties, which will have underground parking spaces on the ground floor of each block.
The inner courtyards of the blocks are designed to create a peaceful landscape for residents, a cool space in summer and an urban forest conducive to biodiversity.
In the summer of 2024, the project will accommodate the 3,900 athletes participating in the Paris Olympic Games. Subsequently, the homes will undergo further development to accommodate the new residents.

Technical characteristics

A "column-slab" structure solution consisting of a building skeleton made up of:

  • Horizontal elements in slabs, their thickness based on the span (a system of columns) and shear load in the slab,
  • Vertical elements composed of:
    - Poles that allow for open-layout premises so long as they account the constraints caused by the system of columns,
    - Reinforced concrete shafts and cores (required for lift and staircase, possible for shared corridors) to ensure the bracing of the structure.

Building materials: solid clay brick and concrete cladding.
Creation of concrete decorative elements on the façade.
Finishing glazes on architectural facades.
Creation of a matrix for the facade.
Coated facade walls.
External thermal insulation.

Environmental characteristics

E3C2 and BBCA labels for the 3rd family.
E3C1 label for the 4th family.
High environmental quality (NF Habitat HQE) for housing
High environmental quality (HQE) and BREEAM for the offices.
BREEAM “Excellent” category for commercial buildings.