School complex Villeneuve-le-Roi (94)

City of Villeneuve-le-Roi

Jean-Pierre LOTT

Construction company
Big work: Pitel

Progress/Delivery date

Surface area
3 600 m²

Construction cost
€4,5M excluding tax (value date 2016)

Scope of services

  • Structure
  • Construction economics
  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • High Environmental Quality
  • Roadworks and various networks
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Construction of a 7-classroom school, a leisure centre and a half-board (warming pantry).

Technical characteristics

Deep drilled concrete anchored piles.
Raised ground floor.
Reinforced concrete walls, columns, beams and slabs.
Elevation walls; grey paint finish concrete with curved formwork for architectural expression.
Space heating supplied by central gas boiler.
Double flow ventilation in classrooms, offices and dining room.
Honeycomb retention/infiltration basin to enable total infiltration of rainwater without overflow into sanitation network.

Environmental characteristics

High Environmental Quality certification.
NF HQETM new tertiary buildings certification.
Thermal performance to attain Effinergie+.

Credits photos : © Takuji Shimura