French Rugby Federation training centre Pantin (93)

French Rugby Federation

Client assisted by
Cardinal Edifice

NP2F Architects

Construction company
NGE Bâtiment

Progress/Delivery date
Preliminary studies ongoing

Surface area
5 291 m²

Construction cost
€23M excluding tax (value date 2021)

Scope of services

  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • Thermal
  • Roadworks and various networks
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Redevelopment of the Raoul Montbrand departmental stadium. The operation can be broken down into two subsets:

  • A large landscaped sports activity area within the plot,
  • An accompanying programme (services on the ground floor, accommodation on the upper floors).

The project involves the construction of a main building as well as aa 44m x 24m multi-sports field. The building has four main components:

  • A programme focused on charity and non-profit use (primarily local clubs),
  • A programme to develop a training academy for young people aged 14 to 18 (670 m²),
  • A 630-seat grandstand facing the main pitch,
  • An additional office programme to meet the future needs of the FFR and rugby players in the IDF (2,600 m²).

Technical characteristics

The main building is a category-2 type establishment open to the public (main type X and R with activities of types L, N, PA and labour code).
The energy required for heating and DHW production is produced by a gas-fired heating system.
Mechanical double-flow ventilation in public areas, with air being blown in and extracted from the premises.

Environmental characteristics

RT 2012 -20%.
Label E+C- -Level E3C1.