Maryse Bastié Secondary School Vélizy-Villacoublay (78)

Yvelines Department

Eiffage construction

Laurent & Laurent Agency

Preliminary studies ongoing

Surface AREA
7 839 m²

construction cost
M28,2€ excluding tax (value date 2023)

scope of services

  • Structure
  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • Roadworks and various networks
  • Construction economics
  • Thermal
  • High environmental quality
  • Catering design
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This project will include the demolition and asbestos removal of all existing structures and buildings of the college, with the exception of the cafeteria and the 6 staff housing units, both of which will be completely renovated and rehabilitated.

The construction corresponds to a 600-student college with SEGPA 64, as well as the overhaul of the roadways and exterior developments, including a "Oasis"-type courtyard, a sports field, landscaping, and an elevated parking lot.

The premises occupied by the city's technical services (CTM) will also be rebuilt and functionally independent from the college.


The structure of the building is planned as a mixed wood-concrete construction, combining a predominantly concrete ground floor base and a superstructure with a dominant use of wood (mixed concrete/wood floors on upper levels, wooden frame facades, floors with wooden joists and OSB panels, post-and-beam structure for auxiliary structures such as the library, covered outdoor space, garage, changing rooms, and bike storage).

The "housing" and "cafeteria" buildings are retained (existing structure) and rehabilitated.

The ground floor facades of the main buildings are made of concrete, and the upper-level facades are clad in copper-colored metal tiles.

The heat production for the college aims to be environmentally friendly, thanks to the connection to the Urban Heat Network for heat and hot water production, especially for the cafeteria (existing hot water production replaced and also connected to the heat network).

The housing units and the Technical Services Center (CTM) are treated independently.

The heating terminals are mainly radiators in areas accessible to adults and radiant panels in areas accessible to students. Underfloor heating is planned in the college's hall for a warmer space treatment.

Ventilation is provided in double flow in teaching and administrative areas, with the following characteristics:

  • Flow rate of 25 m3/h/person,
  • CO2 level < 1000 ppm,
  • Energy recovery from exhaust air,
  • Motorized dampers controlled by CO2 sensors,
  • Presence detection,
  • Air filtration.

In addition to mechanical ventilation for regular use, the hall is equipped with natural ventilation in case of high attendance.

Sanitary facilities are designed to be low consumption, and a rainwater recovery system for watering and cleaning outdoor spaces is planned.

Classrooms are equipped with low-consumption LED lighting controlled by presence detection.


RE2020 for the secondary school.

Existing thermal reglementation for rehabilitated buildings.

E3C1 level of the E+C- label.

Level 3 of the Biosourced label.

Heating needs below 15 kWh/m²/year.

More than 30% of final energy consumption provided by Renewable Energy Sources.

Quantity of recycled materials exceeding 5 kg/m².