Albert Camus high school Bois-Colombes (92)

IDF region (project owner) & IDF sustainable construction (delegated project owner)

Client assisted by

Fabienne Gérin Jean Architect

Construction company
Structural work: Sintria

Progress/Delivery date
Construction ongoing

Surface area
13 500 m²

Construction cost
€30,8M excluding tax (value date 2016)

Scope of services

  • Structure
  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • Construction economics
  • Synthèse
  • High Environmental Quality
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Demolition and restructuring with an extension of the existing high school (teaching rooms and a 150-seat amphitheatre).
Construction of a building with 10 staff accommodations and an underground car park with 60 spaces (currently being designed).
Redevelopment of outdoor areas.

Technical characteristics

The construction work was divided into 2 separate phases on an occupied site. The project will take 34 months to complete. 
The site is complex, with different existing entities and limited accessibility.
The 60s "bar" building will be modernised, with the creation of transversal openings to allow unobstructed views from the street towards the extension at the centre of the site.
Large bay windows are installed in the facades to express the school's openness to the city.
A network of underground galleries on the site dating back to the industrialisation of Bois-Colombes makes work on the foundation and underpinning difficult.
The environmental targets are high but achievable thanks to the good performance of the façades and the various mechanical ventilation systems as well as the rainwater management system.
Particular attention is paid to the green spaces in order to enhance the playgrounds and allow rainwater to infiltrate effectively.

Environmental characteristics

2012 thermal regulations.
Low energy consumption buildings (BBC): 80kWh/m² for renovated buildings and 50kWh/m² for new buildings.