Joncs Marins housing project Fleury-Merogis (91)

Immobilière 3F


Progress/Delivery date

Surface area
5 030 m²

Construction cost
€6,7M excluding tax

Scope of services

  • Structure
  • Construction economics
  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • Thermal
  • Roadworks and various networks
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New construction of seven building complexes comprising:

  • 75 housing units, of which 55 flats and 20 intermediary units,
  • 32 flats, 40 intermediary units and 10 individual units,
  • 11 individual housing units,
  • 2 buildings with 160 homes for first-time buyers and shops on the ground floor,
  • 2 buildings with 90 homes for first-time buyers and shops on the ground floor,
  • 19 individual terraced houses,
  • 6 buildings comprising 204 homes, half of which for social housing, with a 5,000 m² large supermarket and 1,000 m² of shops on the ground floor.

Technical characteristics

Reinforced concrete structure, with thermal bridge breakers and internal insulation.
Intermediate housing is built using a structural system combining Monomur bricks and internal insulation.
Heat is produced via shared gas heating systems which provide the energy needed for space heating and domestic hot water.
A rainwater retention tank equipped with lifting pumps and supplemented by water retention on the roof has been planned to limit discharge into the concession operator’s network.

Environmental characteristics

H&E (profile A) and NF Habitat housing certifications.
RT 2012 -10%.
High environmental quality strategy (NF HQE) for housing, low energy-consumption buildings strategy (BBC) certification 2005 Effinergie.
H&E (2012 programme) PROFILE B, BBC Effinergie label.