Polytechnic school urban development zone school complex Palaiseau (91)

City of Palaiseau

Client assisted by
Paris-Saclay Public Development Authority

Jaglin Quenault
Atelier Martele

Preliminary studies ongoing

Surface area
5 602 m²

Construction cost
€17,2M excluding tax (value date 2021)

Scope of services

  • Electricity
  • Thermal
  • Fluids
  • Environmental quality
  • Energy use design
  • Lighting design
  • Coordination of fire safety systems
  • Catering design
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Construction of a new 22-classroom school complex comprising:

  • 8 nursery school classrooms,
  • 12 elementary school classrooms,
  • 2 "transition" classrooms,
  • A type B gymnasium,
  • A day-care centre not including accommodation (ASLH),
  • Communal dining rooms and facilities,
  • Courtyards and outdoor areas,
  • 86 underground parking spaces.

Technical characteristics

The structure of the school complex is made of wood. 

Insulation is provided from the outside, with cladding in enamelled mechanical tiles. 

The substructure on the street side is made of solid stone.

Environmental characteristics

Ile de France Sustainable Building (Bâtiment Durable Francilien) silver level.