Joséphine Baker high school Pierrefitte-sur-Seine (93)

Ile-de-France region


Construction company

Progress/Delivery date

Surface area
8 960 m²

Construction cost
€29M excluding tax (value date 2018)

Scope of services

  • Structure
  • Electricity
  • Fluids
  • High Environmental Quality
  • Roadworks and various networks
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Construction of a general secondary school for 1238 pupils comprising:

  • Teaching facilities (general, scientific, artistic, technological, and sports courses),
  • Premises for extracurricular and social life (library, reception area, teachers' and supervisors' rooms, student extracurriculars, medical and social services),
  • Administration and logistics,
  • Day-boarding,
  • Accommodation.

Technical characteristics

The school was constructed using a concrete structure and evenly distributed overhangs that complement the load-bearing facades in architectural concrete and the rest in metal cladding.
The project is typified by its beautiful Chambord staircase.
Double flow ventilation system.

Environmental characteristics

Compliance with 2012 thermal regulations.
Bbioprojet<BbiomaxRT2012 (-20%) (excluding housing).
Level E3C1.