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Redevelopment of the Raoul Montbrand Departmental Stadium in Pantin (93).

Redevelopment of the Raoul Montbrand Departmental Stadium in Pantin (93).

The redevelopment of the Raoul Montbrand Departmental Stadium in the city of Pantin has been underway for several months.

The Seine-Saint-Denis Department's commitment to revitalizing this stadium has led to a dual sports and societal operation: the construction of innovative sports and real estate facilities to support high-level sports, located on a 42,000 m² plot.

On the sports side, a main building with an area of 5,645 m² will be constructed. Its objectives are:

  • To host various sports associations,
  • To facilitate the development of a training academy for young people aged 14 to 18,
  • To include a grandstand with 630 seats, a clubhouse, and a gym,
  • To house additional offices for the future needs of the FRF - French Rugby Federation.

For housing, the real estate program covering an area of 12,400 m² is spread across four buildings housing residential units, a residential facility, and an underground parking lot. On the ground floor of the main building, commercial activities open to all will be offered. A medical center related to sports will also be located there.

With the building permit freshly obtained, we can expect construction to start in the fourth quarter of 2023.

For these two projects, INCET is working alongside the NGE Bâtiment group (lead company), NP2F (sports program) and the Romeo Architecture Agency (housing program).

Regarding expertise, INCET is responsible for construction economics, electricity, fluids, environmental studies, and road and drainage works (VRD) for housing, and electricity, fluids, thermal engineering, and VRD for the sports training center.